Blogger writing a blog post

3 AI Tools You Need to Improve Your Blog Posts

If you own a website you shouldn’t sleep on having a blog. 

Blog posts are an important part of the content strategy of every business. They not only help your website get found but also make your business more approachable. They help your customers get familiar with your brand, build trust and fall in love with your brand’s values.

Not only that, blog posts can show your customers that you know what you’re talking about. And that’s the reason they should come to you. You can establish authority and showcase your unique selling proposition.  And to do so, your grammar and language need to be on point.

Writing a blog post can be quite a process, even taking SEO aside. But thankfully there are certain AI writing assistant tools that make writing easier and quicker. So if you want to start attracting more traffic to your website and save some time along the way, carry on reading. Open Google Docs or Word and have a look at these three disruptive tools:


Firstly, even if you are a grammar master, everyone makes mistakes. But here steps Grammarly. You can install it as your browser as an extension, and any time you make a mistake the software will underline the word and suggest the correction. Since 2018 Grammarly also supports Google Docs, whoop whoop. 🎉

Power Thesaurus

Secondly, Power Thesaurus is another time-saving browser extension. After highlighting a word of your choice you will see a small white circle with a blue P on it. After clicking on the icon, Power Thesaurus will show you the synonyms and antonyms of the highlighted word. It might seem like nothing, as it saves only an extra minute or two. Yet, while writing the whole long blog post it comes in very handy.

Hemingway App

Finally, you wrote your text, corrected the grammar and filled it in with unique words – what now? If you don’t have anyone to sub-edit your text, Hemingway App will have a look for you. This editing tool will help you test if your text is easy to read, and will show you suggestions on how you can simplify it.

In conclusion, AI makes writing blog posts more efficient than ever, and with new technologies emerging every day it will only become easier and easier. However, don’t feel like you need to listen to every suggestion these tools are giving you. Yes, they make writing a lot easier. But make sure your text sounds natural, since you’re writing for people, not machines.  

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