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Free Tools to Help You Manage Your Content

We all know organisation is the key. So it will be no surprise that using different planning, scheduling and productivity tools will make your life a lot easier.

Would you like to using some tools but not sure which ones to try?

Let me share a few ones, that you can use for free.


Trello is a great planning tool. It is based on the Japanese Kanban planning method and uses visualisation to help you plan processes. You can create boards, columns and drag and drop tasks. You can also use it for all the processes within your team including onboarding, content planning, task planning etc. Their free version is all you need.


Have you ever thought “this meeting could have been an email”? Well, for me this email could have been an Asana board. This tool can help you with similar work as Trello. You can use their templates to create lists, calendars and any other projects, and then assign tasks to your teammates and set the deadlines. The free version gives you a lot of flexibility.


I’ve tried multiple scheduling tools, some are better some are worse. Hootsuite is enough. For now. It is a content scheduling platform and has its pros and cons. The cons being that you can only link two social accounts, and you can’t schedule carousel posts into Instagram. But a big pro is that you can schedule the LinkedIn posts.

Facebook Creator Studio

Facebook’s native scheduling tool, where you can plan posts for Instagram and Facebook. It’s easy to use, and yes you can schedule Instagram carousels. I am not a huge fan of the layout and UXD, however, if you’re just starting out and you need a free tool, Facebook Creator Studio is a good start.


This is a great tool if you’re working in a team. You can easily organise different channels where different teams within your organisation can communicate with each other. If you need to discuss anything content-related, but not only, Slack is a fun way to do it.

All in all, there are a lot of tools out there that are made to make our life easier. Hopefully, you will make use of any of them, and if you found it useful, I will consider making a part two. 🤔😉